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HFLA-SA Loan Recipients and Donors Stories

HFLA-SA's interest-free loans help members of the Jewish community meet financial obligations in challenging times without adding the additional stress of interest-bearing loans for which they might not even qualify.


With HFLA-SA Interest-Free Loans...


A college senior finished college with far less debt.

A family was able to provide round-the-clock care for a critically ill family member.

A small business owner avoided immediate bankruptcy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A family was able to erect a modest headstone at the grave of a loved one.

And supporting HFLA-SA...

Every donor grows the capacity to offer more loans. Each donor knows that their act of kindness will immediately help some anonymous member(s) of the Jewish community sleep easier that night. 

...and so much more!

When we asked...
What motivated you to donate to HFLA-SA?
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How has an HFLA-SA loan impacted you?
 This is what they said...

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