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Founders, Visionaries, Donors through the Years


Since 1924, the generosity of HFLA-SA's founders and all its past, current and future donors have mandated and will continue to empower HFLA-SA to offer interest-free (0%) loans providing financial assistance to our friends and neighbors.


Every dollar ever donated helped dozens if not hundreds of loan recipients over the decades and will continue to do so in perpetuity. 


As our resources increase, so does the number of loans available to those in need. 


The Mitch Michelson

Z”l Memorial


Fund for Youth Programs & Services

and Emergent Needs

Photo: Mitch Michelson, Z"I

This perpetual loan fund was created to honor the memory of our friend and colleague, Mitch Michelson, z"l.  Mitch was unflinching in his support of the people served by the agencies and synagogues within the Jewish Community and beyond.  His untimely passing left a huge hole in the hearts  and souls of so many people, organizations, and groups he cherished.

Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Confidant, Supporter, Mensch.  Those words define relationships Mitch highly valued, and characteristics recognized by so many others who met and worked with Mitch on important community issues and activities.

Past Board Chair of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, a leader in the Alamo Council Boy Scouts of America, life-long active member of Temple Beth El, an active participant in the pipe collectors and glass bottle ship builders’ communities, Spurs fan, rodeo enthusiast. 

In matching Mitch’s influential work helping the youth in the Jewish and general communities, this zero-interest loan fund will be targeted specifically for helping financially struggling local Jewish families to provide youth programs and services for their children/grandchildren as well as address emergency situations.

The Fund will be maintained and administered by the Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio according to its policies and procedures established over almost 100 years of confidential service to the San Antonio Jewish community.

The founders of this special memorial fund all knew and loved Mitch for who he was – a kind, gentle man with a huge heart. Though sorely missed, his legacy lives on in his children and the institutions to which he gave so much of himself.  

If you are a family in need of a financial hand-up to provide services and programs for your children and grandchildren, please click the button below. 

And if you would like to help increase the amount of funds available for loans that meet these needs, please click below to donate. 

The following people and organizations are the founding contributors to the Mitch Michelson, Z”l Memorial Fund for Youth Programs and Services and Emergent Needs (List in formation):

Charlotte Sue and Richard Alterman

Dr. Glenn Halff and Mindi Alterman

Gayle and Stanley Alterman

Bar Yadin Family Foundation

Susan and Brad Beldon

Louise and Michael Beldon

Susan and Steve Butler

Esther and Howard Feinberg

Dave Fisher

Pearl and Israel Fogiel

Leslie Kline and Mark Freedman

The Fuller Family

Candy and Buddy Gardner

Rachel and Jonathan Gurwitz

Raquel and Lenny Holzman

Lisa and Nammie Ichilov

Judy and Mike Kelne

Shelley and David K. Koch

Linda Levy and Daniel Laser

Sandy and Saul Levenshus

Mary and Harry Levy

Judith Lackritz and Bill Long

Lowell Michelson

Barbara and Jeff Moss

Suzanne Olian

Kristy and Alan Petlin

Sara and Richard Planto

Laura Zausmer and Mike Richardson

Art Riklin

Rabbi David Komerofsky and Ronit Sherwin

Cathy Siegel

Hazzan David and Barbara Silverstein

Allan Smith

Rabbi Samuel and Lynn Stahl

Drs. Alice and Sergio Viroslav

Amy and Perry Wulfe

11:48 Lunch Bunch (Steve Butler, Mark Freedman, David K. Koch, Alan Petlin, Hazan David Silverstein)

Chabad Center for Jewish Living and Learning

Chevra Kadisha of San Antonio

Congregation Rodfei Sholom

Jewish Federation of San Antonio

Ohr Lanu

San Antonio Jewish Senior Services

Temple Beth-El


You can start a new designated fund within HFLA-SA with a minimum contribution of $20,000. For more information and specific requirements, please contact us. 

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