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Thoughts from Leadership

So, today I sent the prior entry as an e-mail to our growing mailing list. It struck me as unfortunate that so many people who are aware of the LIFE & LEGACY program have NOT yet taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity to painlessly leave a testamentary donation to the endowment funds of agencies and synagogues they have benefitted from for their entire lives or since moving to San Antonio. Perhaps a year of Covid-19 caused upheaval just weighs heavy on their minds and hearts and it is just too much effort to get beyond the fear and bunker mentality. I certainly understand the fears as I have spent very little time walking into institutions I love and care about once they re-opened, even with relatively small groups of people wearing masks and socially distancing. I look forward to spending more time physically present once a large percentage of our population has been fully vaccinated.

The magic of Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio's zero-interest loans is that it takes immediate pressure off borrowers so they can sort out their financial issues and get back on their feet. And, if the loan is for tuition assistance, it allows students and their families some breathing space so that the student can continue her/his education without the additional burden of high-interest loans hanging over their heads as they travel along their journey through school and life beyond.

Today I had occasion to answer several calls to our dedicated phone line, 210-736-4352. The calls spanned the range of issues we deal with. 1st, a concerned friend called to inquire how to help a friend that was on the verge of losing his apartment for inability to pay rent. I explained to her how to help her friend apply for an emergency loan and will suggest they contact SAJSS and JFS to explore additional assistance. The next, a college student inquiring about assistance with school loans. Then there was a call from a borrower seeking a loan payoff amount as her financial situation had improved significantly. From eminent crisis to completing the repayment process for a much-needed loan when taken.

So many community members in need of a financial hand-up. If you can help right now, please donate at If you can see yourself leaving a legacy donation to our endowment, please sign a Letter of Intent today at

Yes, so many in need, and thank G-d for so many caring donors to empower HFLA-SA to help.




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