Our Mission

"To provide financial assistance to Jewish people who are permanent residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas, through interest-free loans."

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Like all Free Loan Societies, HFLA-SA's foundation is based on essential Jewish principals: Acts-of-Loving-Kindness, Tzedakah and the Mitzvah of assisting others. Following these core values, our organization provides interest-free loans to help people achieve or maintain financial stability. By extending a “hand-up,” HFLA-SA offers hope and meaningful opportunities for brighter futures.

For more than 90-years, HFLA-SA has assisted thousands of people in their endeavors to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams. We look forward to continuing and expanding our 0% loan programs.

HFLA-SA Loan Categories

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The financial challenges in today's economy are numerous. HFLA-SA offers support when life's events happen – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets are burdened.

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More than ever, advanced learning is critical for future success and financial independence. This program is designed to help post-high school students with academic expenses.

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Special Situation

This program is for unique circumstances which require borrowing flexibility - in terms of loan amount, cosigner rules and/or repayment terms. We are here to help.

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Jewish War Veterans, Post 753,
HFLA-SA Named Fund

This fund is designed for Jewish Veterans and their dependants and contains more liberal repayment terms on interest-free loans of all types, from loans of necessity to loans of opportunity. We are here to help.

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SAJSS–Goldsmith Family–HFLA-SA,
Permanent Named Fund

This program is for Jewish Seniors (60+) - providing more liberal repayment terms on interest-free loans for hundreds of items needed by members of the senior community. We are here to help.

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It's Time to Party

representatives of HFLA-SA and Golden Manor Jewish Senior Services Holding check for $20,000

Get out your killer clothes and Brush up on Your Bond

HFLA-SA is holding it's Fall Gala on Saturday, November 004 (of course) . . . the theme
"Shaken, not Stirred".

It will be an exciting evening filled with food prepared just for secret agents, a maximum Martini Bar, cocktails, wine, beer and of course other beverages of choice including soft drinks and tea. There will Casion Games be, a silent auction and a live auction with fantastic items to bid on and the "Diamonds are Forever" Jewelry Grab with 100 prizes, including $10,000 in jewelry.

But, there's plenty more going on. For additional details and reservations to this exciting event, just hit the let's party button below.