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Emergency Help from HFLA-SA & Welcoming New Faces to Continue the Mission

Dear Jewish Community Leadership,

You are receiving this important update by virtue of your role as an organizational leader in the Greater San Antonio area Jewish community.

Current Weather-Related Emergency Needs:

Due to the generosity of our donors and in partnership with the Jewish Federation of San Antonio which provided significant funds from the San Antonio 2020 Community Crisis Fund, the Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio (HFLA-SA) is available to help members of the Jewish community to the extent of its resources if needs for repairs pose a financial challenge until insurance payments kick in and/or we have a Federal Disaster Declaration which activates FEMA recovery assistance.

As we all know, this past year has been incredibly difficult for many. The officers and staff of Hebrew Free Loan continue working hard to meet the needs of our San Antonio Jewish community by providing interest free loans to those in financial need. If you know of anyone needing financial assistance, please have them contact us at

HFLA-SA Leadership Transitions & News: The Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio (HFLA-SA) announces its 2021 slate of officers and staff. The officers include Michael D. Robbins, President; Shari Markowitz, Vice-President for Loans; David Pinansky, Vice-President for Membership; Jeff Siegel, Vice-President for Development, Allison Laughinghouse, Secretary; and Tim Grossman, Treasurer. Howard S. Feinberg is HFLA-SA's Executive Director and Davora Peck is the Administrator. HFLA-SA would like to thank immediate Past President Laura Richardson and her husband Mike for their dedication and hard work. They have left the board after many years of impassioned service and we wish them the best in the future.

HFLA-SA is saddened by the recent death of Irwin Barath, former President, and longest-serving Board member. Irwin served on the Board for many decades - truly remarkable dedication and service. If you or others in your organization would like to donate to our cause of lending interest free loans for the current Covid-19 & weather crises, in honor of the new board, the Richardson's, or in memory of Irwin, please visit our website and donate today. We look forward to many more years of working together to strengthen our community .

Michael D. Robbins


Howard S. Feinberg

Executive Director

Interest-Free Loans Because . . . 'It's a Mitzvah!'



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