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A Message from Executive Director Howard S. Feinberg

Dear Friends,

I've been thinking about the people who received support from Hebrew Free Loan of San Antonio this past year and those who will seek our help in the future. Because really, it's all about the people.

The people who came to HFLA-SA with their worries and fears. The people who came with aspirations for a better future. The hundreds of people, families and small businesses who will thrive with a little help from our community.

Because of your generosity, we have been able to help every person who came through our doors in 2022. 18 families received support, ~ $100,000 in financial support. Also, because of your generosity, since COVID began: 58 families received support, ~ $288,000 in financial support

Our wish for the coming year is for HFLA-SA to be financially strong enough to continue responding, "yes, we can help you,” AND to be able to help small businesses as well!

Below are stories from a few individuals we assisted in 2022. I hope you find them inspiring. These individuals had the courage to ask for help, sometimes in the wake of many rejections before receiving, "yes, we can help you," from HFLA-SA.

Help for Housing 60+ Loan

Dan and Emily are a retired 60 plus couple. Emily contacted HFLA because they were past due on their rent and facing eviction. HFLA-SA helped the family remain in their apartment.

HFLA-SA Education Loan

I am so grateful to the Hebrew Free Loan Association for supporting me to get my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. With the rising tuition costs and the high interest rates on student loans, HFLA is truly doing a wonderful mitzvah in helping make education more accessible! I am so happy to have found this organization, and I look forward to giving back to the Jewish community in my career as a therapist.

HFLA-SA Ohr-Lanu Medical Loan

Amy is a single mom and has a precious daughter, Sarah, with special needs. Sarah needed special medical treatments not covered by insurance. HFLA-SA helped Amy pay for the on-going medical treatment that provides her daughter with a hopeful future.

Help for 60+ Medical Loan

Mark was retired during Covid and needed a medical procedure before year end. He fell short on the deductible and came to HFLA to ensure he could receive the necessary medical procedure. We provided funds for Mark to pay for his medical deductible.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR EARLY 2023 DONATION TODAY! (And if you’ve recently given, thank you!) Whether you're able to give $18, $180, $1,800, or much more, your gift is essential to our ability to provide interest-free loans throughout our San Antonio and our 15 surrounding counties.


Howard S. Feinberg

HFLA-SA Executive Director




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