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Emergency Covid Loans

Emergency Loan Program

We've established a new emergency loan program to provide financial relief, through no-interest loans, to members of our local Jewish community suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic!

With relaxed cosigner requirements and expedited funding, loans are available for those who have:

  • Lost wages due to layoffs or cutbacks

  • Childcare costs

  • Medical costs related to COVID-19

  • Other emergency expenses

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HFLA-SA is uniquely positioned in our community to offer financial assistance to individuals and families affected by the world-wide Coronavirus disaster.

The HFLA-SA COVID-19/ Emergency Loan Program is designed to meet immediate needs and enable a pathway back to financial stability.

Given the enormous economic impact from the COVID-19 crisis, we anticipate this unprecedented level of loan demand to continue for months to come. Now more than ever, HFLA-SA seeks your support to meet our community's tremendous needs.

Regardless of the amount, every gift will help relieve friends and neighbors who are suffering from overwhelming health and financial burdens.

Our Mission

"To provide financial assistance to Jewish people who are permanent residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas, through interest-free loans."

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Like all Free Loan Societies, HFLA-SA's foundation is based on essential Jewish principals: Acts-of-Loving-Kindness, Tzedakah and the Mitzvah of assisting others. Following these core values, our organization provides interest-free loans to help people achieve or maintain financial stability. By extending a “hand-up,” HFLA-SA offers hope and meaningful opportunities for brighter futures.

For 95-years, HFLA-SA has assisted thousands of people in their endeavors to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams. We look forward to continuing and expanding our 0% loan programs.


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The financial challenges in today's economy are numerous. HFLA-SA offers support when life's events happen – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets are burdened.

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More than ever, advanced learning is critical for future success and financial independence. This program is designed to help post-high school students with academic expenses.

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Special Situation

This program is for unique circumstances which require borrowing flexibility - in terms of loan amount, cosigner rules and/or repayment terms. We are here to help.

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Jewish Veterans Fund

This fund is designed for Jewish Veterans and their dependants and offers the advantage of longer repayment terms on interest-free loans for virtually any purpose. We appreciate our veterans and their families and are happy to give back.

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Senior Citizen Fund

This program is for Jewish Seniors (60+) - allowing lower monthly repayment rates on interest-free loans. Aging brings new expenses, and we want to honor and help our local seniors by assisting with this meaningful program. We are here to assist.

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HFLA-SA Events

In compliance with current requirements, Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio is saddened to announce the cancellation of our recently reinstated annual Community Picnic, scheduled for May 3, 2020.

The COVID1-19 virus has altered virtually every industry, business and organization, forcing immediate cancellations. While each of us was looking farward to sharing this family afternoon of FUNdraising and outreach, our obligation for the safety and well-being of all who would have participated is our top priority.   

It is our fervent hope that each of you remains safe and heallthy during this trying time. If you are experiencing unbearable financial burdens from the Coronavirus pandemic – or know someone who is, HFLA-SA is here to help. Our new expedited "COVID-19/Emergency Loan Fund may help weather the storm.