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Natalie Levine's Testimony

In 1992/1993 Natalie was working full time and a college student struggling to pay for her last three courses to complete her Master's Degree. She met Eva from HFLA who discussed how HFLA-SA could help her. Eva invited Natalie to her home and discussed how HFLA could offer her an interest free loan. Natalie was needing $1500 to pay for her last three courses but she did not want to ask two Jewish people at the time to be cosigners. She is in amazement to say that at that time she did want to ask 2 Jewish people and fast forward 20 years... her and her husband are very active in the Jewish Community. Eva and HFLA changed her life as she could only afford $10 monthly repayments and is grateful how willing they were to work with her and help her out. She is so grateful to HFLA that she volunteered this morning to be a cosigner for a senior lady who was in the same position as she was 30 years ago not knowing anyone willing to cosign or help.



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