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HFLA-SA Education Loans: A Recent Graduate's Testimony

"I just graduated with a double degree in Marketing and Business. Thanks to Hebrew Free Loan I was able to finance some of my expenses & tuition with no interest loans for all 4 years. I had no idea what a difference paying interest can make until my last semester. I had to get an additional private loan, and, during that last semester, they required me to pay over $100 per month in interest only payments! It was horrible to pay every month and the loan amount stayed the same. None of my payments came off the amount I borrowed. It felt like a total waste of money and is the exact opposite of my Hebrew Free Loan. Every payment we ever made came off the amount I borrowed, which is a good feeling to see the balance get lower each month because there is NO interest! Hebrew Free Loan saved me and my parents so much money. Thank you!" HFLA-SA is excited to offer interest-free Education Loans for students. HFLA-SA offers up to $5,000 annually for four years in interest-free, no-fee higher education loans.

We also continue to be a resource for individuals who are looking to make ends meet, afford transportation and housing, need help paying medical bills, or refinancing high-interest debt. Want to send your child to summer camp? We can help. Unbudgeted car repairs? That, too! HFLA-SA is here for San Antonio’s and surrounding counties’ Jewish community, including non-Jewish employees of Jewish agencies and synagogues. We hope you remember HFLA-SA when you need help or would like to help support others. For more information or to support our work, please contact HFLA-SA at 210.736.4352,, or email



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