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HFLA Impact Stories

Loan recipient:“I needed the extra money for what the health insurance didn't cover. Thank You HFLA for making my Life better.”

Loan recipient: “Growing up in San Antonio, Hebrew Free Loan Picnics and Contributions were part of my Jewish Life. My parents were always contributors, and as an adult, I was proud to be able to do the same, as I greatly respect the organization.

After my divorce, I was unable to pay several bills and in a financial situation that was horrific, personal, and frightening. Here I was in my senior years with serious illness in my family and nobody to turn to for help. One phone call to Hebrew Free Loan, and I was welcomed with kindness, no questions, and very little paperwork. What an amazing organization! Hebrew Free Loan makes members of our Jewish Community feel like we/they have a warm, loving security blanket when it is needed most. Hebrew Free Loan is truly a true blessing to San Antonio.”

Loan Recipient: "Thanks to the generosity of our home community, my husband and I were able to secure housing while I attended cantorial school in New York City. This support ensured that we would be able to begin our lives and work toward our goal of building a family. We could not have reached this day without this vital aid! Truly, this loan changed our lives and I hope you and everyone involved know that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Submitted by Cantor Stefano Iacono, Assistant Cantor at Congregation Rodeph Sholom of New York, NY

Donor/Supporter: “My grandparents, Rose Rosner Vexler and Abraham Vexler, whose yahrzeit was last week, were founders of HFLA. I have a hunch that rarely were women’s names included on “founders lists,” but knowing my grandmother’s deep Jewish values and commitment to community, I am certain that she was very much a part of Grandpa’s involvement in the organization. I always heard about Grandpa “A” Vexler when we would go to the HFLA picnics. The one I can see in my memory was at the former JCC/Agudas Achim location neat the expressway and the Baptist Hospital. It might have been around 1956 or so. There were countless tables set up and never-ending food. While it would be years later that the meaning of an interest-free loan would make sense to me, donating was never a question. Hebrew Free Loan was a household name. My father, Harold Vexler, always talked to us about the importance of taking care of people in the Jewish community. He would tell me how it was our turn to give back so that others could advance. Being in an immigrant family wasn’t far from his consciousness. He expanded this thinking and generosity beyond the Jewish community but his connection to the Hebrew Free Loan through his father was indelible. Again, years later, I realized that it was my turn to keep the tradition going, help when I could, support what my lineage supported. It feels good to give and know the importance of financial support. An interest-free loan? A novel idea these days. But no, a very very old idea, and yes, it’s a mitzvah.” Submitted by Jill Vexler, PhD



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