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Did you know HFLA-SA can help students with an Education Loan?

HFLA-SA Student & Parent News

April 2023, and nothing’s changed since last year’s HFLA-SA 0%-interest loan offerings, but your financial situation may have.

This summer, don’t let a few thousand dollars keep your children from going to summer camp, youth group programs, or college…This is the time of year when students learn where they will be headed to school in the fall. HFLA-SA supports your students by actively raising funds for Education Loans.

HFLA-SA is excited to offer interest-free Education Loans for students as they prepare for college, community college, vocational/technical school, or graduate & professional schools. HFLA-SA offers up to $5,000 annually for four years in interest-free, no-fee higher education loans.

We also continue to be a resource for individuals who are looking to make ends meet, afford transportation and housing, need help paying medical bills, or refinance high-interest debt. Want to send your child to summer camp? We can help. Unbudgeted car repairs? That, too!

HFLA-SA is a community resource to help you meet unforeseen expenses. You can reduce your debt burden by replacing high-interest loans or credit card fees that grow with an HFLA-SA interest-free loan that only shrinks with loan repayments.

HFLA-SA is here for San Antonio’s and surrounding counties’ Jewish community, including non-Jewish employees of Jewish agencies and synagogues. We hope you remember HFLA-SA when you need help or would like to help support others. For more information or to support our work, please contact HFLA-SA at 210.736.4352 or email



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