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Did you know HFLA-SA can help non-Jewish employees of Jewish organizations?


HFLA-SA is honored to have awarded our first loan to a non-Jewish employee of a local Jewish organization.

A quote from our grateful borrower:

"HFLA is an incredible resource, especially with how high interest rates for other loan programs are at the moment. By being entirely community funded, you really feel supported by the people around you. With this loan I will have the opportunity to receive this procedure and not have to pay any extra money (in the form of interest rates) allowing me to pay off the loan a lot quicker and make the funds available for somebody else in a similar position to me.

For anyone looking into HFLA, I highly recommend applying. The application is simple and straight forward and is followed by a phone interview. The process took about 3 business days from the time I completed the application to when I received my approval letter. I feel really grateful to have come across this resource!"

HFLA-SA recognizes our responsibility to be available to help all members of our community who keep our synagogues and organizations running smoothly through good times and bad.

We remain grateful to all who contribute to the success of the San Antonio Jewish community.



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