All loans require qualified guarantors.  If you (or your guarantors) meet some but not all of the criteria below, please check with us. We're here to help, and we may be able to make exceptions to certain requirements.  If you can’t find an answer to your question below, please contact us by email or phone: (210) 736-4352.

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Graduates or 2/3 Year Diploma holders in any stream. Applications by mature students with professional work experience or a keen interest in fashion, Luxury or retail will also be considered.


PG in Luxury & Fashion Management with specializations in Luxury Brand Management, Fashion Retail, Fashion Marketing & Fashion Communication by FAD International Academy


Students can work with retail chains, design houses, export houses, independent designers, media houses or start their own venture with roles such asFashion Marketer, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Communicator, PR Consultant, Brand Manager, Retail Merchandiser, Stylist,Event Planner & Manager, Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist, Art Director, Fashion Consultant & more.