• Your donation today helps our neighbors and friends in perpetuity.

  • You feel terrific knowing you've positively impacted the lives of HFLA-SA's interest-free loan recipients.

  • You join with the thousands of donors since 1924 who have made interest-free loans available to members of the Jewish community in the 15 County area surrounding San Antonio. 

  • And, periodically , there are special tax advantages to those who donate to HFLA-SA and other non-profit organizations (Hyperlink: Special 2021 tax benefits for donors).

SPECIAL Tax Benefits for 2021 Donations

Support HFLA-SA and Receive an Unprecedented Tax Break! From AllianceBernstein news release​ date.  [Read More Here]


2020–2021 have brought about a once in a generation opportunity for charitable giving. With donors needed now more than ever, key provisions of the CARES Act have been extended to encourage charitable giving by improving tax incentives through 2021.


What does this mean for you? ​


If you itemize…

Previous limits on tax deductions for cash gifts—at 60% of adjusted gross income (AGI)—have been suspended, allowing you to deduct 100% of income


If you use the standard deduction…

You may now deduct an additional $300 per person ($600 for a married couple filing jointly)


For an extra boost…

Consider combining different giving strategies (such as cash and appreciated securities) to make the most of your gift. 


Keep in mind that the extension only applies to this year. That leaves a finite window to make gifts while literally paying NO income tax. Your gift will not only improve the lives of our community members, but also could save you thousands of dollars at the same time!

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