Loan Opportunities

New HFLA-SA COVID-19/Emergency Loan Fund

This program was established to provide emergency financial relief, through no-interest loans, to members of our local Jewish community suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic!

Featuring relaxed cosigner requirements and expedited funding, these loans will make a difference during the current challenging times.

Info & Application

Plus additional Interest-Free Loans for Life Events

  • Emergencies

  • Disabilities/Special Need

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Housing/Transportation

  • Medical/Dental

  • Higher Education/Professional Training

  • Judaic Enrichment/Continuity

  • Home Accessibility/Aging-in-Place

  • Moving

  • Burial/Pre-Planning

  • Adoption/In-Vitro Fertilization

  • Life Cycle Events

  • Major Repairs

  • Temporary Job Loss

All applicants must be Jewish, at least 21-years old (unless in college) and permanent residents of the HFLA-SA San Antonio service area (see map). We do not accept collateral; however, applicants are expected to provide well-qualified cosigners willing and able to pay the entire loan balance, should it become necessary.

Personal Loans

  • Up to $6,000

  • Must be Jewish and a permanent resident of our service area

  • Requires 2 well-qualified cosigners if over $2,000, one if $2,000 or less

  • Cosigners: at least 1 Jewish & residents of Texas (1 out-of-state, if related)

  • A 30-month repayment term

graduation cap Education Loans

  • Post-high school student

  • Up to $5,000 annually for 4-years

  • Reduced payments for eligible students

  • Jewish and permanent local resident

  • 2 well-qualified cosigners if $2,000 +

  • Cosigners: at least 1 Jewish & residents of Texas (1 out-of-state, if related)

  • A 50-month repayment term

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Special Situation

  • For situations which warrant flexibility with respect to cosigners, payment terms, etc.

  • Requires enhanced due diligence, including personal interview

  • Must be Jewish and a permanent resident of HFLA-SA service area

  • Well-qualified cosigners, with at least one Jewish

american flag

Jewish War Veterans, Post 753 - HFLA-SA Loan Fund

This dedicated loan program is enabled thanks in paart to a generous donation by the Jewish War Veterans, Post 753.

Reflecting sincere appreciation to all who have served in our country’s military, these loans are available exclusively to local Jewish individuals who are verified United States’ Veterans or Dependents of one. By extending our traditional loan term to 50-months, recipients are able to take advantage of reduced monthly payments. As each loan awarded from the JWV Post 753/HFLA-SA is repaid, money will replenish this Fund, providing more borrowing opportunities for Veterans/Dependents.

If at any time the Fund Balance falls below a new loan amount, Applicants may apply under another program, with applicable terms.


SAJSS - Goldsmith Family - HFLA-SA Loan Fund

We value our Seniors! Thanks to a generous donation from San Antonio Jewish Senior Services (SAJSS) and The Goldsmith Family, we have a special Loan Program for local Jewish individuals, aged 60+.

This Program allows eligible Seniors the incredible opportunity to borrow up to $6,000 interest-free, with reduced monthly payments. As recipients repay these obligations, money is placed directly back into this Fund, enabling additional loans specifically for individuals 60+.

Should the SAJSS-Goldsmith Family-HFLA-SA fund balance preclude further lending, until sufficiently replenished, Applicants will be encouraged to borrow under another interest-free program, with those terms prevailing.