New HFLA-SA interest-free loans offering special relief to people coping with dire financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis

This emergency program provides no-interest loans of up to $6,000 for residents of the San Antonio Service area who have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. With relaxed cosigner requirements and expedited funding, these loans can help in the following situations:

  • Employees experiencing layoffs or cutbacks
  • Small business owners facing clorsures or massive slowdowns
  • People incurring Coronavirus healthcare expenses
  • Parents who have unexpedted childcare costs
  • Disabled and retirees on fixed incomes witnessing the devaluation of their life savings and declining dividend revenue
  • Those with other COVID-19 related extraordinary expenses

COVID-19/Emergency Loan Overview

  • Applicants must establish loan need has arisen directly or indirectly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic/crisis
  • Provided the applicant has no balance due on an existing HFLA-SA Loan and a good credit history on any prior loan(s), the following relaxed Cosigner requirements apply for COVID-19/Emergency Loan Applications:

    a. $1,000 or less, no Cosigner required (up to a maximum of $10,000 for all HFLA-SA non-guaranteed loans)
    b. $1,001 - $2,500, one (1) eligible, creditworthy Jewish Cosigner
    c. $2,501 - $6,000, two (2) eligible, creditworthy Cosigners
  • If an individual has a current loan with HFLA-SA, at the sole discretion of the Loan & Collections Committee, an additional COVID-19 loan may still be awarded; however, no special terms or relaxed Guarantor requirements would be granted
  • Loan terms and required monthly payments will mirror those for Personal Loans
  • If married, both applicant and spouse should complete and sign the application forms
  • To expedite the application process and ensure the safety of all parties, there will not be in-person meetings, and all forms and documents should be submitted electronically, by email or fax. While it would cause a significant delay, if applicant does not have access to technology to facilitate handling electronically, forms can be submitted by mail.
  • Presuming loan approval, checks and specific directions will be mailed, or funding will be transferred directly into the borrower's bank account

For additional information, please contact the HFLA-SA office at 210.736.4352